European Property Awards, London

Award Winner 2018-2019
Interior Design Private Residence, Slovenia

★★★★★ Five Star Winner 2018-2019
Best Interior Design, Private Residence, Slovenia



GAO Architects offer a holistic and thorough approach to meeting our clients’ needs – from conceptually designing the interior, right through to visualizing the project, we carefully follow through on our detailed plans, making sure to select the right materials and finest of furnishings. Our aim is to guide the client through the entire process. In realizing each project, we always connect with leading project leaders who bring various realms of expertise as well as with top contractors. 

It is extremely important for us to present the conceptual design with a visualization of how the final design will be carried out, whether it’s a home, a place of business, or a commercial interior.  This approach establishes the trust between the client and our firm that ensures we are together each step of the way. As a result, the realization of our detailed projects is a natural extension of an already established relationship that is based on trust and satisfaction. 







Founded by Petra Zakrajšek after her return from a one-year stay in Tokyo in 1999, GAO Architects specializes in interior design. One year of living and working in Tokyo completely changed Petra’s life, and at the same time it gave her the courage and inspiration to start her own professional journey in architecture. The firm’s name is a reverential nod to Petra’s long-time friend Liu Gao, an architect with whom she worked at Structural Design Group (SDG) in Tokyo. “Gao” stands for house, home, growth – in the two decades since the firm was founded, GAO Architects has continued to grow into a harmonious team that has its own lifestyle approach and works in close contact with its clients. Each individual, each personality, contributes to the team, helping it to continue along its path of artistic development. Whatever the project, our main goal and greatest reward lies in client satisfaction. Our wish to satisfy the client is a source of unending inspiration and openness to different ways of life, thinking and creating.