“Petra Zakrajšek is one of the kindest, warmest, most generous people I know. I admire the way her dedication to people flows through the GAO architects team all the way to their clients, creating wonderful interiors full of soul and energy.”

Marko Rant
Co-founder and CEO of Borza terjatev


“There is no other interior design firm in Slovenia that so consistently and precisely pursuits the beautiful and the sublime. Petra Zakrajšek and her colleagues never fail to create elegant, sensitive and imaginative interiors that serve and adapt to their owners in every way – while at the same time serving as important contributions to the understanding of the ethics and aesthetics of their time. Their interiors – everchanging but always astonishingly perfect – surely belong to the very top of European interior design.”

Alja Košir
Tv Ambienti


“Petra Zakrajšek is my secret weapon whenever clients begin asking me about their interior's colours and textures in great detail – I always gladly forward them to GAO architects, whose interior design is contemporary, compelling, one-of-a-kind and always suited to the client. Petra is a woman of her word and a woman of action. All of her projects are special, sensuous and – simply put – extraordinary!”

Lara Romih

“In 2002, GAO architects have designed the interior of our Iskra UK office space in Coulsdon. They provided us with an innovative and functional solution, chosen top-quality suppliers and had a complete overview of both the construction work and the finances of the project. Anyone visiting our offices expresses nothing but words of praise and admiration, further confirming the delight of our employees.”

Janez Vipotnik
Iskra UK Ltd


“GAO architects are constantly pushing the envelope in residential architecture and design, creating eye-catching work and adding a unique stamp on it. It's no surprise they are a leading architectural firm on a global scale – and will continue to be.”

Jon Dykstra